Plan Compliance

Expert oversight and administration because compliance is complicated.

Whether you need Focus Pension to take over the administration of your existing plan, or design a new benefit plan from scratch, compliance matters—and it’s not easy. Rely on Focus Pension’s team of experts to ensure you are always in compliance with Internal Revenue Service (IRS) and Department of Labor (DOL) regulations.

Test, Confirm, Comply

Focus Pension conducts a full panel of annual tests and makes recommendations based on those results to ensure your plan maintains its tax qualified status. From deduction testing to limit testing, coverage and contribution, Focus Pension ensures your retirement plan is compliant without overburdening you and your staff. Some tests we run include:

    • Non-discrimination testing for satisfying minimum coverage and benefit rules
    • Contributions calculations showing compliance with deduction limits
    • Top Heavy testing
    • Allocation limitation testing
    • ESOP specific testing
    • Anti-abuse testing for S-corporation ESOPs to show broad-based allocations
    • Ensuring compliance with restrictions under Section 1042 to selling shareholders

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