Plan Administration

Focusing on your retirement plan so you can focus on your core business.

Setting up a retirement plan is never once-and-done. Focus Pension works closely and directly with employers, financial advisors and business consultants alike to ensure active plans run smoothly—and continue to do so far into the future.

Defined Contribution and Defined Benefit Plan Administration

Focus Pension focuses on critical back-end management, keeping your retirement plan up-to-date, in compliance, and operating in top form. Whether you have a 401(k), 403(b), 457, Roth, profit sharing, pension or other types of defined contribution or defined benefit plan, our comprehensive administration services routinely include:

  • Census Reviews
  • Compliance Testing
  • Summary of Accounts
  • Contribution Reports
  • Vesting Analysis
  • Allocation Management
  • Signature Ready Government Filings
  • Annual Structural Reassessment
  • Loan Availability Determinations
  • Distribution Processing

ESOP Administration

When the Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP) transaction is complete, companies are often left wondering what to do next. ESOPs aren’t just incredibly complex to structure, the multiple moving parts and parties involved require expert administration from a firm familiar with the tax laws and regulations governing ESOPs.

We built a team that grasps the nuances of your plan structure and creates a critical communication flow between all the professionals involved, making your ESOP simple and straightforward.

ESOP clients can also take advantage of our custom ESOPAccess portals. Your online information hub for ESOP management at both the plan and participant levels.

Dual 401(k) and ESOP Administration

If you’re providing multiple plans to your employees, things get complicated very quickly. Businesses sponsoring a second plan need to be aware of how this kind of structure impacts company deduction limits and individual annual additions limits. And few TPAs understand the unique ongoing needs of ESOPs.

As experienced ESOP administrators, Focus Pension seamlessly provides everything dual plan sponsors need to handle all recordkeeping and reporting requirements, and run combined plan testing.

Purpose-built retirement planning begins here.