What is a TPA?

In short: Third Party Administration firm.
But what does that really mean?

Underneath the technical jargon, at our core, we are trusted partners. Focus Pension TPA is a team of ERISA consultants dedicated to providing you with concise and timely advice and plan supervision. We work closely with benefits staff, business owners, financial advisors and more on implementing and maintaining successful retirement plans.

Expert Oversight and Administration

Compliance is complicated. We’re the professionals who help you maintain your plan’s tax qualification status. Offering a great employee benefit is wonderful, but maintaining a retirement plan is not your full time job—or your staffs’. From establishment to regulatory compliance, a TPA ensures retirement plans are compliant without overburdening you with things outside of your core competency.

Specialists Versus Generalists

Some TPAs take a bundled approach to both the management of your assets and the annual administration and compliance of your plan. Focus Pension does not sell products, manage assets or give investment advice. Our focus is solely on you—relieving your administration burden and keeping you in compliance with highly technical and complicated pension laws.

Purpose-built retirement planning begins here.