Creating liquidity and diversification while rewarding employee productivity and performance.

ESOPs provide business owners with a unique opportunity to reward employee productivity and performance while creating liquidity, diversification, and significant tax benefits. An ESOP, or Employee Stock Ownership Plan, is a type of defined contribution plan that provides participants with company stock in their accounts. Participants are not buying the stock as they would in the open market, rather, shares are given to employees, similar to a profit sharing plan and are held in the ESOP trust until the employee retires or leaves the company, or earlier diversification opportunities arise.

Complex Administration

Unlike traditional retirement plans, ESOPs are both unique and can be complex to administer. When the ESOP transaction is complete, companies are often left wondering what to do next. The multiple moving parts and parties involved in keeping an ESOP up to date and in compliance require expert administration from a firm familiar with the tax laws and regulations governing ESOPs.

Collaborative, Full-Service Approach

Focus Pension is one of the leading third party administrators with a distinct specialization in ESOP administration and a team that grasps the nuances of ESOP plan structures. We work with ESOP advisors as well as directly with business owners to create a critical communication flow between all the professionals involved from plan design to administration and compliance with a goal of making your ESOP simple and straightforward.

Purpose-built retirement planning begins here.